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Post-CC stuff

CabinCon 2005 is over (and has been so for about two days now), and I can't remember having this much fun in ages!
However, I also got to try out this thing called 'post-con depression' which everyone talks about after any ended convention - the four days it lasted (at least it did for me) was over way to soon :/

I did get to know a lot of new people at the Con, which was really fun - especially when they are such great people to boot (read: incredibly fun to hang out with) ;)

I even received this gift-drawing from _graywolf_: A neat foxie (supposedly my character in a non-anthro form)!

Thanks a lot - I love it to pieces :D

In conclusion, it was a very good experience (this being my first Con and all) - and hopefully I will be able to see you all there next year as well!

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